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Custom Essay

What does a custom writing service do?

You may have come across the word custom writing service on several occasions that you start getting confused about what it really is. One of the major reasons for this is because even firms that offer low quality also claim to offer custom writing services. Now, you have to understand that there are things that must be in a paper before it could be classified among the custom essays. So, whenever you are searching for a custom writing service from any online essay writing firm, these things must be properly considered so that you will not be sold a dummy in the name of custom essays.

One major indicator that a paper is custom is when the paper is completely unique and original. As much as being 100% plagiarism free is one of the major indicators that a paper is original, there are some other things that must be involved in the essay writing to makes it unique. The first thing is that each custom essay must make a serious / well-documented attempt to convince the audience of its idea or conclusion based solely on arguments and evidence. This entails that each custom essay must answer a pertinent and unavoidable question. When this question is not properly stated and the answer clearly given then it is not a custom essay.

Look out for this when you seek for custom writing service from online firms. The answer to the question must be contained in the thesis declaration. This is a very important part for the custom essay service. The function of persuasion must not be lost in the paper. Your custom essay writing can only make sense when it makes use of propositions that are interrelated to form a thesis through logic and reasoning. We incorporate these in all the custom essays we offer to our custom essay service clients, and ensure that all our custom essays come with relevant examples. These will always give life to the evidence and facts stated in the paper and they come from credible sources at our custom essay service.


How to choose the purpose of your custom essay

If you don’t have a goal that you intend to achieve with your custom essay, then the paper will be a useless venture. The first thing we do when you come to us for custom writing service is to determine the purpose of your paper so that the intended goal of the custom essay writing service would be achieved. The purpose of each custom essay is determined by the type of paper it is. If you are writing an analytical custom essay, then the purpose would be to break down a major idea into smaller and simpler key components. Through the breakdown of ideas in our custom writing service, they are evaluated and a verdict given. If you demand an expository custom essay service from us, then it will simply involve an explanation of all that is involved in a thing or an idea. If you need an argumentative custom essay service, we will offer a persuasive paper. In this custom essay service, claims are made about a topic, a thing or an idea, and evidence is provided to support the made claims. This is simply meant to convince readers to see the validity of the claim. This claim may be about an interpretation, a policy proposal, cause and effect statement, etc. Another important part of your custom essay that we pay huge attention to at our custom writing service is the thesis statement.

  • Our custom essay thesis statement always takes a position.
  • Our statement is always specific, concise and very clear.
  • All our thesis statements come with two components, and they include a topic and a point.
  • Our custom essay thesis statements are placed appropriately after the introduction.
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How we make your paper unique, original and plagiarism free

Every custom essay must be original and unique, and this involves the absence of any form of plagiarism. When you choose our custom writing service, we make use of some essay writing methods to ensure that the papers we offer to you are tailor-made custom essays. We make use of paraphrasing in our custom essay service to present important information. In our custom essay service, it is either we put everything in our own words or we use quotation marks. Whenever we want to use more than two words from a particular source in our custom writing service, they come in quotation marks.

This is a custom essay service writing style every reliable firm should adopt. We also make use of citing to prevent plagiarism when offering custom essay service. In doing this, we always follow the instructions from our custom essay service clients about formatting and writing style. Another method of avoiding plagiarism in our custom writing service is by quoting properly. We ensure that texts are quoted as they are in the original sources in our essay writing.

It is wrong to misquote people. However, we always ensure that our quotes do not exceed the 40 words benchmark. Making use of our custom essay service entails getting everything exactly as they should, and every custom essay you get from our custom essay writing service will gain you above average marks. Perfection has always been our custom writing service watchword, and all our custom essays are perfectly written.

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