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Demonstration Speech Ideas

Demonstration speech ideas are typically challenging to come up with. And the task gets even harder to complete when a student has no idea what this type of writing is all about and how exactly he can find good speech ideas. You so want to be a Public Speaking rock star. But you don't know how to get there.

We have all been there at college. New assignments come, and you do not know where to start with it. That is why we have gathered to write a complete guide to demonstration speech ideas for college students that will help you manage this task step by step with no trouble whatsoever.

However, before we present ideas we have come up with when thinking about possible topics to talk about in this type of essay, we want to make sure that you understand the essential fundamentals of this writing.

So, we will introduce you to the definition of demonstration speeches and their primary goals. We want to explain what components their outline should consist of as well as invite you to take a look at our list of suggested topics for a demonstration speech. If needed, you can choose one of our ideas to compose a persuasive speech for college.

What is a demonstration speech?

You give demonstration speeches when explaining how something works or how to do something in several steps. The primary purpose of this type of information writing is in breaking vast chunks of material into chewable pieces for the target audience to hear and take specific actions about it.

For instance, whenever you explain to your grandmother how to use Facebook, how to call you in Skype or how to post images on Instagram (if she is that good with technologies), you are giving a demonstration speech.

Of course, preparing a speech for general public is different from explaining how something works to your grandmother because you need to use a different tone and style. But in both cases, your primary purpose is to explain the principles behind a certain process.

Now, what should you include in such a speech? We believe there are three main things that can help you create a compelling piece.

Three components of a good speech

  • Stress the value.
  • No self-respecting student will listen to you speak if what you are saying is of no value to him. Therefore, to grab people's attention, you need to start with an answer to their question “Why is it important to me? What's in it for me?”
  • Start with a good reason for your readers to listen to your speech and let them gain a better understanding of how this information can actually help them in the future.
  • Find a connection between your audience's needs and the topic you are talking about here and emphasize it in a clear way for users to see the connection.
  • Introduce the audience to the “helicopter view.”
  • Let them see a big picture: introduce them to an overview of the process without going into details about each step. It will help them better understand how difficult the article is and what benefits this knowledge will bring them.
  • And also it gives people a feeling like they are in control of the situation understanding what you will talk about next.
  • Introduce the steps.
  • Now is the time to take your readers through all the steps. Split the information into small steps so that they could see how to tackle something easily, little by little.
  • Do not create too many steps, though, and avoid self-explanatory statements. Only introduce the readers to the information, they have to hear from you. If there is anything they can figure out on their own, give them the freedom to do it on their own.

Finally, before you dive into the development of such a speech, consider analyzing what factors impact your demonstration speech ideas.

How to choose an idea for a demonstration speech

  • Take a closer look at your target audience.
  • Who are the people you will be giving this speech to? Where do they live? What are they interested in? Answers to these questions can help you understand who is on the receiving end of your speech. So, fine-tune the topic to their passions and interests, use the words they comprehend, and focus on examples and ideas they can relate to for the general success of your speech.
  • Analyze your own interests.
  • Now that you know what your audience wants you to talk about, create a list of your own interests. And then find the matching points on both of these lists. Those points should be your main focus in this task. So, keep an eye on them and move on to our next tip.
  • See where the speech will take place.
  • If you are giving a speech in front of a bunch of teens chilling in the park, you will do it casually without trying too hard. However, you need to choose a different tone and style if who you are talking too are officials from a big brokerage company or the Dean of your college. So, pay attention to this detail too.
  • Take time into account.
  • All speeches are limited in time. There is always an agenda to bear in mind, and you cannot take more time that the organizers of the event have assigned to you. So, remember that some topics are too hard to explain in a few minutes and if you only have five minutes at your disposal opt for something easier to describe within these terms.

Now, take all our recommendations and choose a topic. We have prepared a list of what we think are exciting demonstration speech topics. Find yours among them.

5 minute demonstration speech ideas

  • How to survive four years of college without going insane
  • How to spend summer productively
  • Discover simple ways to make money online
  • Learn several ways to pay out a student loan while still in college
  • How to prioritize your daily tasks
  • Find out how to build a successful career in high fashion
  • How to make friends for life (and not regret it)

Easy demonstration speech ideas

  • How to make a good first impression on an interview
  • Learn how to balance studying and social life at college
  • Discover how to get a part-time job of your dream
  • How to renovate the house on a budget
  • How to start a recycling business
  • How not to get sick during finals
  • Learn how to create designer's clothes at home

Demonstration speech ideas with food

  • How to prepare lasagna in the dormitory
  • How to keep the bread fresh
  • How to plan your meals for a week
  • What to eat to lose weight in a month
  • How to switch to a no-sugar diet pain-free
  • How to cook healthy snacks for college breaks
  • How to do business by making delicious meals for students

Good demonstration speech ideas

  • How to learn five languages from the comfort of your home
  • Discover how to set boundaries between you and your parents
  • Find out how to survive the first year in a different culture
  • How to tolerate rude people
  • Learn ways to help a friend go through a loss of a dear person
  • Use your mornings to the fullest
  • How to become rich before turning 30

Now that you have a persuasive speech outline along with persuasive speech topics, we are sure that you will easily deal with the task of creating an excellent demonstration speech in no time. Just save our tips and go back to them whenever you need to refresh your knowledge. Other than that you are all ready to become a Public Speaking Rock Star!

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