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Make An Essay Longer

Essay writing is a common requirement for all scholars irrespective of their specialization or the seniority in their courses. And, more often than not, academic papers follow certain guidelines. These include the format, font, font size, etc. but here we will discuss the word count and consequently, the length of an essay. It is not uncommon to hear people ask how to make an essay longer. Sometimes even with the most interesting essay topics, we still manage to fall short of the word count. One might simply run out of content to put down and end up wondering how to make the paper longer without sounding too repetitive or come about as boring. If this is your concern, then worry not, this article is meant for you at it will present you with invaluable tips that will help you answer the question on how to lengthen an essay and become a better essay writer.

To begin with, how to write a long paper is NOT about adjusting the fonts, or margin, increasing word and paragraph spacing, inserting wordy headers and footers, or using pointless quotes as fillers just to make the paper appear longer. No. This article is purely on how to make an essay longer word count, and it is intended for the serious writers who are pondering on how to make an essay longer. How to extend an essay without losing its relevance? An essay which the reader will find interesting and meaningful? Below are some of the guidelines on how to make an essay longer that you should be sure to follow.

  • Do extensive research on the topic

Research is a crucial part of writing a paper. It is advisable that a person does the research way before he or she sits down to write the actual essay. This is how the person gets all his or her facts right. A well-done research will generate a lot of information that one can consider including in his or her paper, as long as he or she does not digress. The research will also ensure the essay is up to date and well informed, and does not contain cooked or vague information. This gives an essay an edge over the other poorly researched paper. If you are thinking about how to write long essays, then research should be your number one agenda before you sit down to type or pen down the words.

  • Create a thorough outline

Organization and planning, should answer the question, "how to add words to an essay?" Creating a thorough outline (especially, as you research) is fundamental. Note down major points on the topic and sort them according to how they will appear on the paper - preferably each major point in its own paragraph. The strongest points are usually discussed first. While creating an outline, you can also elaborate or add hints on the difficult or tricky points to explain. This is how you do not get stuck while thinking about what to write. You can always refer to the outline. You will lack words to put down or forget a fundamental point, which will have a negative effect on your word count, and make you start thinking 'how to make your essay longer?'

  • Understand your audience

Whenever someone is tasked with writing an essay, it is meant to reach a certain target audience. Being that the target is usually a narrow subset of the society, the author can use it to their advantage and overcome challenges of how to make a paper longer. The writer should be able to know what demographic they are targeting, including things they like and things they don't. With a good understanding of such issues, one would be able to capture the audience without boring them.

  • Give supportive statements

This will definitely tell you how to make a paper longer. This is to elaborate your points and, in the process, increase the word count. Different kinds of essays have different marking criteria based on what the tutor seeks to find in it. One consensus that, however, exists is that the essays should be well-elaborated through the provision of supporting statements.


There are various types of essays, but when answering the question, "how to make an essay longer?" the four most important categories are:

  • Narrative essays

Narrative essays are essays where you tell a story, personal, real, or fictitious, where you have freedom of creativity and expression. The task in narrative essays is to make it as interesting and as real as possible. You may ask yourself how to make your essay longer. Well, it is pretty simple. You just need to use anecdotes in your narrative, use relevant insights, and you may include some personal experiences. Do not just mention an incident; give a short account, describing the setting and its plot. You should also mention your thoughts, views, and apprehension on the experience. Personal experience can inform characters and the narrative in general. These extra but relevant wordings will be a boost to your word count and consequently, make your essay longer. You will no longer need to know how to make essay longer, because it will automatically be long.

  • Persuasive essays

As the name suggests, these are essays written with the intention of convincing the reader to incline him or herself to a certain line of thought. They are also known as argumentative essays. These essays are based on logic and reason. If you are asking how to add words to an essay, a persuasive essay, then this section of the article suits you best. You should include statistics, expert opinion, and counter-arguments to your essay. Facts and figures are the best way of proving your case; after all, facts don't lie. You should also not shy away from giving relevant quotations and stands made by experts on the issue. All statistics should be explained, and their sources backed up by evidence. You should also make counter-arguments and explain conclusively. After this, you should be clear on which side of the argument you stand. When all is done, how to make essay longer will not be a problem anymore.

  • Informative essays

Are you writing an expository essay and asking how to write a long paper? These essays are meant to give information to the reader. The reader relies on the essay for knowledge, information and truths. The essay should therefore be nothing short of facts and figures, relevant quotations and explanations. Researched facts and figures should be presented with their references. Explanations backing the facts and figures should also be tabled so the reader understands how the figures came to be. Professors and renowned researchers or scholars must surely have had a word or two to say about the subject matter. It is therefore recommended that you include what they had to say in your essay. Any counter information should also be explained. Again, doing the proposed not only boosts your word count but also improves your essay and makes it more credible. You will not even struggle about beating the word count. Questions like how to make an essay longer word count will not linger in your mind if you do the stats right.

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  • Reviews

A review, also an analysis, is an assessment of a service, a book, an organization, a company, etc. Reviews are important since information in them can be used to compliment or bash whatever product or service has been reviewed. Improvements can also be done on a poorly reviewed product. Reviews can inform buyers about the purchase, or even boycott a certain product or service. So, how to make an essay longer, a review essay? First, you should include sustained opinions in your reviews. These should be sincere and personal. This is because you are simply stating your experiences and thoughts on the service or product. The review should not lack commentaries and insights as these will inform the other, yet to-be-customer, of a product or a service. From your experience with the service or product, you should be able to use supporting quotations in your review just to back your concerns or recommendations. You should be detailed but precise in your review. Word count and how to lengthen your essay should not be a concern, let alone a problem.

  • Others

Are you still asking the question, "how to make an essay longer"? There are more helpful ways on how to increase your word count and make your essay longer. It is advisable that you take breaks, especially when working on long essays. This helps you freshen up, and, in the process, a new idea can sprout in your mind. Including this new idea in your essay definitely adds to your word count. You wouldn't discard it, would you? Not unless you want to continue asking the question how to lengthen your essay...

It is also a brilliant idea to allow one of your colleagues to go through your essay. You can then be informed of omissions, weakly explained points and details that need improvement. You will definitely need words to correct the noted concerns. As a result, your essay will be longer. You will no longer ask how to make an essay longer. The corrections will do the trick. Trying to understand your topic from a new perspective can also help you increase the word count and strength the main argument.

In some cases, it may be necessary to broaden your topic of discussion. You can do this by discussing a wider range of views, increasing the sample space by looking at a more comprehensive time frame, considering a large area of space and increasing the population to be studied. How to make an essay longer will thus be a solved mystery. In fact, you will guide others on how to make a paper longer.

If you are resolved to write good essays, that are lengthy but still interesting, not lacking relevance, then the above-stated guidelines will help you tread the new path. You only need to determine the type of essay you have been tasked to write and employ our tips; if you do that, beating the word count will be a walk in the park. Moreover, you will not sweat but enjoy writing the essays.

Finally, remember 'how to make an essay longer?' should not be a hinder to essay writers. The real concern should be of quality and objectivity. Even though there are plenty of ideas on how to extend an essay, and you are more than welcome to use all of those when writing for the academy, we still suggest you pay closer attention to the quality of your writing, not its length.

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